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Michelle's Earth Foundation MESUNOLA Project Video

Michelle's Earth MESUNOLA project: "Shortly after Michelle's untimely death, her family and friends formed Michelle's Earth Foundation to carry on her dreams of environmental activism. MEF is keeping Michelle's spirit with us through the positive work we believe she would be doing, had her life with us not been shortened. One of MEF's main projects is in New Orleans, a city where Michelle worked in the summer of 2006. Their all-volunteer group, called MESUNOLA, (Michelle's Earth Sunflowers in New Orleans) has planted more than 25,000 sunflower seeds." Click the New Orleans video link below to read more.

View More Photos Watch the MESUNOLA video from New Orleans (3:43)
View More Photos Watch a supporter of Michelle call people to action! (3:54)

Please take a moment to visit the Michelle's Earth Foundation website. They have been doing many positive things over the past two years and continue to do so to this day, especially in the Washington D.C. and New Orleans areas.  They're always looking for donations to support their mission, and sometimes volunteers as well.

Support Michelle's Earth Foundation

A little about Michelle...

"Much of what we remember from Michelle is the radiance of her legacy, her passion, her commitment to the Earth and toits betterment."  -Univ. of Vermont President Daniel Fogel

Michelle was a dedicated environmentalist whose life was cut short in October 2006 in Burlington, Vt., where she was attending the University of Vermont. Her motto was "small actions = big changes," as reflected by her friend's actions after her death. For more about Michelle, feel free to browse this website, which includes photos, comments from Michelle's friends, news stories, among other content. The Michelle's Earth Foundation website shares more and is based upon continuing Michelle's beliefs. Links to their site and newsletters can be found below.

 About This Site

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This site outlines the progress - both environmental and social - that has occurred following the murder of Michelle Gardner-Quinn in October 2006. In addition, the site, which went online in October 2007, serves as an honor to the bright spirit of Michelle, a celebration of life, yet not forgetting how that life was taken from us. No one will ever know what further effect she may have had on our lovely planet and she was certainly well on her way to making a difference, one small act at a time. But she is continuing to make a difference every time her name is brought up in the news, despite the horribly unfortunate series of events it is often associated with. Through increasing awareness of Michelle's environmental mission, hopefully more individuals will be tempted to lend a hand of service and help with environmental projects, increase awareness of issues, or even donate a few dollars toward a good cause. Michelle's Earth Foundation (MEF), based in Michelle's hometown of Arlington, Virginia, is one such organization dedicated to raising both awareness and money for the environment and organizing volunteers for projects.  Please help this organization in their efforts by donating, promoting, or participating in their organized projects.

Newsletters: For more on recent happenings, read the Michelle's Earth Foundation newsletters:

HTML File Michelle's Earth Foundation December 2007 Newsletter
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A few newspaper articles from the past...

 Notable News Articles About Michelle

Read More News Read more news: Oct 8-14 2006 | Oct 15-21 | Oct 22-Dec 31 | Jan-Sep 2007 | Oct-Dec | Jan-May 2008

Music Honors Michelle Gardner Quinn // WCAX Channel 3, Burlington, Vt. // April 17, 2008
  Bridget Burns is one of the few people who actually got to know Michelle Gardner Quinn during her short time at UVM. She
  says she got tired of hearing her friend's name associated with the negativity of her death. Music has long been thought to
  have healing powers, and at the Monkey House in Winooski on Thursday night, groups of musicians... [View Full Story]

My Turn: A thought for my Michelle // Kate Gladstein in the Burlington Free Press // April 6, 2008
In lieu of the numerous times I have unexpectedly felt a punch in the stomach at the sight of the cover of The Burlington
  Free Press, and in lieu of the fact that my heart jumps in my chest at the thought of walking anywhere alone after
  sundown, I need to express love and forgiveness before the death of my beautiful friend stagnates
... [View Full Story]

Remembering Michelle Gardner-Quinn // WCAX Channel 3, Burlington, Vt. // October 7, 2007
  The University of Vermont has a handful of events planned this week to honor Gardner-Quinn, including a candlelight vigil,
  memorial hike, and scholarship fundraiser. The murder victim is being remembered both on and off-campus. Rather than
  focus just on the crimes against Michelle Gardner-Quinn, the Unitarian Universalist community... [View Full Story | Audio]

A personal look into the life of Gardner Quinn // Hazel Ryerson, Vermont Cynic // October 30, 2006
  Michelle Gardner-Quinn saw the world though an exceptional lens, where the mundane became beautiful, problems
  became challenges and no boundaries or limits existed. Her contagion? An honest exuberance for life that infected the
  friends she made all over the world. Michelle was intensely introspective, holding herself to the... [View Full Story]

Friends speak of Gardner-Quinn's life // Lynne McCrea, Vermont Public Radio // October 13, 2006
"She's really the kind of person who has big ideas, is always calling saying we should go to this energy conservation rally,
  etc... and she's really passionate about the environment and the things she does." "She's been in Costa Rica, Brazil, South
  Africa, in rural areas working with farmers on sustainable development, so yeah, she's been... [View Full Story | Audio]

Read More News Read more news: Oct 8-14 2006 | Oct 15-21 | Oct 22-Dec 31 | Jan-Sep 2007 | Oct-Dec | Jan-May 2008

Michelle was featured in a February 2007 Cosmopolitan article 'The Murder of a Beautiful Girl'      Cosmopolitan February 2007
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"I feel a strong connection with T.S. Eliot: 'We shall not cease from our exploring / And the end of our exploring / Will be to arrive where we started / And know the place for the first time.' Through my travels, I have grown tremendously. Yet I feel that now is the time to settle down and explore internally. In this stage of life, I want to be able to practice what I preach, which includes internal connection to the natural world, as well as community involvement."    -Michelle


Some events to benefit our lovely planet!

Past Events

The MESUNOLA project sponsored by MEF continues to plant more lots with sunflowers in several parts of New Orleans
  to phytoremediate the contaminated soil. Over 25 lots have been planted and planting will continue through June 2008
MEF was at the Green Apple Festival Earth Day Celebration with a demonstration table and materials detailing their
  activities. Free live music (Talib Kweli, will.i.am, Umphrey's McGee...) // The Mall, D.C. // 12 pm - Sun., April 20, 2008
Monkey House MEF benefit held by Bridget Burns, owner of Wyld Stallion Records, Admission: $3-8; Steph Clark, Marie
  Claire, Maryse Smith, and The Leaves //
30 Main Street, Winooski, Vt. // 8 pm - Thursday, April 17, 2008
MEF and Nathan Lyon, chef of Discovery Health's A Lyon in the Kitchen, presents a program on cooking locally in the
  winter on Monday, February 25th, 2008, at H-B Woodlawn. RSVP and recommended donation - event was full in 2 days
Several MEFers headed to New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward to plant sunflower seeds in an effort to bio-remediate the soil
  of a church property that will be rebuilt.  This is an ongoing project that began Friday, January 4, 2008
• Michelle G-Q Memorial Fund for Environmental Studies Fundraising Raffle // UVM Davis Ctr. // Saturday, Oct. 13, 2007
• 1st Annual Michelle Gardner-Quinn Memorial Hike // Olin Atrium, UVM Davis Ctr. // 8:30 am - Sat. October 13, 2007
• Quiet reflection and sharing // UVM John Dewey Lounge Old Mill, Burlington, Vt. // 7 pm - Friday, October 12, 2007
• Main St. Walk and Candlelight Community Gathering // Main St, Burlington, Vt. // 6 pm - Friday, October 12, 2007
• Michelle G-Q Memorial Fund for Environmental Studies Fundraising Raffle // UVM Davis Ctr. // Friday, Oct. 12, 2007
• Night of Reflection and Remembrance of Michelle G-Q // Women's Ctr., Burlington // 7:30-9 pm - Wed. Oct. 10, 2007
• Michelle G-Q Memorial Fund for Environmental Studies Fundraising Raffle // UVM Davis Ctr. // Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007
• Michelle G-Q Memorial Fund for Environmental Studies Fundraising Raffle // UVM Davis Ctr. // Friday, Oct. 5, 2007
Michelle's Earth Foundation Going Local Potluck Picnic // Arlington, Va. // Saturday, September 29, 2007
Donaldson Run Recreation Association Swim-a-Thon for MEF // DRRA Arlington, Va. // 8-11 am - Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Michelle Gardner-Quinn 5K Fun Run/Walk // UVM Gutterson Fieldhouse, Burlington // 10 am - Saturday, May 19, 2007
• Earthfest: A Tribute to Michelle // UVM campus Aiken Lot // 1 pm - Saturday, April 21, 2007 // Event Photos
MEF Invasive Plant Removal // Thomas Jefferson Memorial Pkwy, Monticello, Va. // 9-12 pm - Saturday, Feb. 24, 2007
ACE Invasive Plant Removal // Barcroft Park, Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington, Va. // 1-3 pm - Sunday, Feb. 4, 2007
• Celebration of Light vigil - Michelle's 22nd Birthday // UVM Campus Green, Burlington // 5-7 pm - Sunday, Jan. 28, 2007
Virginia Memorial Service // H.B. Woodlawn School, Arlington // 3 pm - Saturday, October 28, 2006
Vermont Memorial Service // UVM Ira Allen Chapel, Burlington // 7 pm - Sunday, October 15, 2006

Look and listen...


These photos have been contributed by friends and family of Michelle. Additional information can be obtained by hovering your mouse over the photos. Click on the thumbnails here for a full-sized photo or browse the additional photos in the three photo gallery pages.

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Contributed by the Gardner-Quinn Family   Contributed by the Gardner-Quinn Family   Contributed by the Gardner-Quinn Family   Contributed by the Gardner-Quinn Family   Contributed by the Gardner-Quinn Family   Contributed by the Gardner-Quinn Family
Contributed by the Gardner-Quinn Family   Contributed by the Gardner-Quinn Family   Contributed by the Gardner-Quinn Family   Contributed by the Gardner-Quinn Family   Contributed by friends of Michelle   Contributed by friends of Michelle
Contributed by friends of Michelle   Contributed by Aarti Love Mahtani   Contributed by Aarti Love Mahtani   Contributed by Morgan Lee   Courtesy of Michelle Gardner-Quinn   Contributed by Amanda Laliberte

View More Photos View more photos: Photo Page 1 | Photo Page 2 | Photo Page 3  (322 Photos)
 MySpace Profile | October 2006
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     HTML File 13 & God's Myspace Profile (featuring "Soft Atlas")
 News Audio Reports | 2006-2008

View More Photos View audio selections / multimedia page (30 audio clips)

Vermont Public Radio / National Public Radio

WCAX Burlington / WPTZ Plattsburg WRC Washington
Vermont Public Radio - NPR WCAX Burlington - WPTZ Plattsburgh WRC Washington
 YouTube Videos | 2006-2007

View More Photos View video selections / multimedia page (6 videos)

 Full text of poem featured in "We Remember" video

If you knew Michelle, you are a blessed soul. If you didn't, let me share with you what she meant to me.

In loving memory of Michelle Gardner-Quinn.

I remember the e-mails we sent each other describing ourselves when we found out we were going to be roommates.

I remember the first time we spoke on the phone before we met. I was home in St. Maarten and you were in Arlington, VA. I laughed as we joked and I knew I'd be friends with you forever.

I remember seeing your bright eyes the first time we met. My flight from New York had been delayed 4 or 5 times and you thought you'd never see me! We embraced and bonded as I unpacked my things.

I remember waking you up ten minutes before class when you'd take your afternoon naps. And once I wasn't around to wake you up and you were late for class and you were mad at me for the rest of the day. I still love you.

I remember when you turned 21. When I turned 21.

I remember coming to stand over your desk at work at WWF to take my tea breaks and chat with you. I remember your beautiful energy flow model on toilet paper :)

I remember watching you sleep, when I couldn't. And I rememeber the sound of your snoring. Which now makes sense as to why I couldn't sleep. But I still love you.


I remember sitting in the front of the bus with you and keeping you company when we were on a safari through Kruger National Park. You tried on my purple Gucci sunglasses and insisted I take a picture as proof because no one would ever believe you.

I remember staying up late at night and talking in the dark while in bed. All the stories. All the dreams. All the laughing. All the tears.

I remember you fought with your Mom, Ian and your sister all in one day. I walked forever to find you the right ice cream. We ate it out of the container and broke many plastic spoons.

I remember how kind you were to me when I needed to leave my things at your house while I went home for a week. And how kind your family was to me.

Most of all, I remember you. And I will never forget you.

You were the coolest roommate.
You were the kindest friend.
You were the most engaging classmate.
You were the most cheerful co-worker.
You were the most adventurous travel buddy.
You were the most concerned citizen.

You are the most beautiful soul.

See you when I get there darling. Love you always.


 "This I Believe" by Michelle Gardner-Quinn

I believe in upholding reverence for all life. I believe that humanity has a responsibility to the earth and to the life that we share our experience with.

As a child, I found joy digging in the dirt, examining the miracle of life. Everything creepy-crawly was fascinating to me, and I spent countless hours in my backyard exploring what wonders lay beneath. Although some people might be repulsed by this notion, these creatures did not represent slimy pests to me. Rather, such experiences in the natural world taught me about the diversity of life that could be found in any microcosm. I felt attuned with the cycles of life, my favorite being the spring. During these budding months, I could watch the egg sacks of praying mantises as they opened, or collect robin-blue eggshells that had fallen from the nests. This was where I felt a strong connection to the natural cycles of creation. This connection has inspired awe in me that I feel strongly to this day. It is a feeling deep within me that has inspired my passions and pursuits as an environmentalist.

As I grew older, I discovered that this reverence for life was not shared by all of humanity. Rather than respecting the natural world as a community of life, the environment has been valued in terms of the resources that could be exploited.  Industrialization has turned life into an industry, and systematically destroys the essential diversity that provides richness to the human experience. Our self-inflicted ecological crisis has reached such a point that we


no longer endanger isolated bioregions. So many toxins have been spewed into the atmosphere as a result of our industrial greed that the climate of our planet is changing at an alarming rate. Climate change threatens all life forms by altering fundamental natural cycles, giving little time for evolutionary responses.

These detrimental impacts are visible today as polar bears lose their habitat of sea ice, the sex of sea turtle eggs is skewed, whales have less krill to feed on, and coral reefs are bleached, to cite just a few examples. Climate change also has a detrimental impact on cultures and humanity’s well-being as more people are becoming environmental refugees. Little is being done to curb this crisis, and, within our lifetime, the ecological functioning of planet earth will be forever altered.

I believe that my connection to all life forms prevents me from sitting back and watching this catastrophe. I believe that we should understand our place in our regional ecosystems and communities, as well as pledge our allegiance to the earth as a whole. I believe that all creatures, whether they are found in my backyard or halfway around the globe, should not suffer as a result of human greed. The reality of climate change is here and now; it is the environmental battle of our generation and generations to come. In honor of all life, I am dedicating myself to preventing this worldwide ecological crisis.

Things you remember...

Have something to say? Add your memories or comments in the guestbook or send an e-mail.

"While Michelle's life would have been more beautiful, it is a miracle to see what she is accomplishing while she is not with us. Thank you to you and all of her friends and family for continuing the profound impact that is Michelle." -Kristen Walter, founder of FeelGood

"The power of this essay caught me a bit off-guard this morning. I was thinking about Michelle just yesterday as I walked past the fountain on the college green and saw her picture and fresh flowers there for her. She will not soon be forgotten here at UVM. It is inspiring to see the words of this remarkable young woman reaching a much, much larger audience through this moving short film shown at LiveEarth. It's also a great reminder of how some of our students may well go on to change the world, as Michelle continues to do." -Dr. Paul Martin, University of Vermont professor

Megan Rees, who knew Michelle from American University, wrote of her experiences and thoughts after Michelle's death in an article for her school newspaper in October 2006. Read the article here.

Leo Edmunds, who is a parent of a UVM student and was in Burlington the week Michelle was missing, wrote a poem featuring Michelle Gardner-Quinn in 2006. Read the poem here.

In October 2007, Arlington-based band The Gear Up Landing recorded a song written about Michelle in 2006 called "No News is Good News." The rock band consists of Matt Breeden on vocals, Andrew Pranter and Dustin Brandt (who knew Michelle in high school) on guitar, Jesse Lord on bass, and Mike St. Julien on drums. Download the song (4.5 mb) or read the lyrics.

Valentine's Day Memory Michelle wrote a little thank you for her mother one Valentine's Day. Click here to read it.

For more memories and comments: read the guestbook.

Please support these groups...
Michelle's Earth Foundation  

Michelle's Earth Foundation: Created in honor of Michelle Gardner-Quinn, "MEF’s mission is to facilitate the role of the community, especially youth, girls, and minorities who are vastly under-represented in the sciences, in community level efforts towards creating a healthy, sustainable habitat for humans and nature. MEF’s goals and objectives are to: advance environmental education for young people through outreach programs within the schools and other community focal points; bring environmental accessibility to individuals and families through “home conservation” projects that can be adapted for urban households; develop a widespread environmental community stewardship program that will utilize the energy of our community’s youth for preservation, restoration, and conservation endeavors; and create alliances with other environmental groups in the United States and abroad for exchange of information and joint sponsorship of programs."

Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment  

Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment: "Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment (ACE) works to improve the environment of Arlington County, Virginia together with citizens, civic associations, government agencies, and the business and professional community in order to achieve and maintain a clean and sustainable community. ACE provides environmental education and volunteer opportunities to Arlington County residents and is supported primarily by the Arlington County government under a grant from the Department of Environmental Services Solid Waste Division. Additional funding is secured through government and foundation grants and donations from individuals and organizations."

Chesapeake Bay Foundation  

Chesapeake Bay Foundation: "Pollution and other harmful activities degrade the Bay. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) fights for strong and effective laws and regulations. CBF also works cooperatively with government, business, and citizens in partnerships to protect and restore the Bay. When necessary, we use legal means to force compliance with existing laws."

Clean Air-Cool Planet  

Clean Air-Cool Planet: "Clean Air-Cool Planet creates partnerships in the Northeast to implement solutions to climate change and build constituencies for effective climate policies and actions. Clean Air-Cool Planet (CA-CP) is the region's leading organization dedicated to finding and promoting solutions to global warming. We partner with companies, campuses, communities and science centers throughout the Northeast to help reduce their carbon emissions."

It All Adds Up To Cleaner Air  

It All Adds Up To Cleaner Air: "It All Adds Up to Cleaner Air is a unique public education and partnership-building initiative developed collaboratively by several federal agencies to help regional, state, and community efforts to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. It All Adds Up seeks to inform people about the connections among their transportation choices, traffic congestion, and air pollution by emphasizing simple, convenient actions they can take to improve air quality and reduce congestion."

Vermont Environmental Consortium  

Vermont Environmental Consortium: "VEC's mission is to promote sustainable growth in environmental industries, enhance environment-related education, encourage development and dissemination of sciences and technologies that benefit the natural environment, and to foster the general knowledge and application of sound stewardship practices. Put simply, VEC exists to help green enterprises to achieve their goals."

Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center  

Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center: "The mission of the Wildfowl Trust of North America, Inc. is to be responsible and proactive environmentally. We strive to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Specifically, we promote environmental stewardship at our 510-acre site, the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center (CBEC), through education, restoration and conservation. Research and sustainability are key underpinnings of this mission. We are committed to: education, restoration, conservation, research, endowment, and sustainability."

Arlington, Virginia Environment  

Arlington, Virginia Environment: "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Arlington helps protect and conserve our natural resources through recycling programs, environmental outreach, and encouraging environmentally-sound development. Arlington's watershed management program is restoring local streams and improving water quality in the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. Arlington helps protect and conserve natural resources through programs such as: recycling programs to reduce waste, watershed management to improve the water quality of our streams and nearby rivers and transportation options designed to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality."

Green is Sexy  

Green is Sexy: Run by actress Rachel McAdams, "Green is Sexy came about when three friends realized that exchanging quips & tips on ways to make an impact on the environment was becoming daily conversation. They decided that, with a little bit of research and some help from their friends, they could spread the word to all sorts of people and really make a difference. Green is Sexy is about tiny changes, big impact. Why sexy? Because being informed is sexy. Being responsible is sexy. Being eco-friendly is sexy. Making a difference is sexy. Green is sexy."

Ecorazzi: The Latest in Green Gossip  

Ecorazzi: "Ecorazzi exists as a conduit to report on the latest celebrity gossip as it pertains to activism and inspiring change. The word eco is in our name, but more than the environment is supported by those in the spotlight. We also highlight humanitarian efforts, beneficial campaigns, fundraisers and acts of good. In the spirit of fair play, we’re quick to point how who’s slacking and who’s deserving of recognition. People the world-over are fascinated with their favorite stars; what they’re doing, what they’re wearing, and who they’re dating."


TreeHugger: "TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Partial to a modern aesthetic, we strive to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information. At TreeHugger we know that variety is the spice of life, so you can find all you need to go green in our up to the minute blog, weekly and daily newsletters, weekly video segments, weekly radio show and our user-generated blog, Hugg."

Groovy Green  

Groovy Green: Groovy Green "has branched out to cover national and international news, products, and the people fighting to make a difference in promoting sustainability. Through this website, we hope to get others involved–not just in community events–but also in national and international discussions or organizations that directly effect the ‘green movement’. Together we can all do a little more to reduce consumption, improve health, and find cleaner alternatives to power the gadgets, cars, and lives we lead today."

The H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program  

The H-B Woodlawn Secondary Program: The high school Michelle attended in Arlington, "The H-B Woodlawn Program is designed to provide our students with more control over their education than traditional comprehensive schools permit. We prize self-motivation and self-discipline in our students, for we know that these characteristics are vital for success here. We also work hard to inculcate these habits in our students, incrementally increasing freedom and expectations of responsibility through the grades. The central focus of our system is student choice. Students make choices in three general areas, use of time and personal behavior, educational goals and school governance."

Chesapeake Climate Action Network  

Chesapeake Climate Action Network: "The Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) is the first grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to fighting global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Our mission is to educate and mobilize citizens of this region in a way that fosters a rapid societal switch to clean energy and energy-efficient products, thus joining similar efforts worldwide to slow and perhaps halt the dangerous trend of global warming."

University of Vermont  

University of Vermont/Greening UVM: "The University of Vermont (UVM, short for Universitas Viridis Montis, meaning 'university of the green mountains') has 7,500 undergraduate students, 1,050 graduate students, and 380 medical students; 1,000 faculty and 1,800 staff. Located overlooking Lake Champlain, UVM has nearly 300 buildings on its 425-acre main campus. Environment is a major focus of the university, along with liberal arts and health. About ten percent of undergraduates major in environmentally related areas, including natural resources, sustainable agriculture, environmental engineering, environmental science, and environmental studies. More than 250 environmentally related courses are offered across campus, and students participate in dozens of environmental projects on and off campus, as volunteers, interns, and researchers." (Source: Clean Air-Cool Planet)

Donaldson Run Recreation Association  

Donaldson Run Recreation Association: Michelle used to swim and lifeguard at the DRRA pool. The "pool was built in 1958 at a cost of $165,000. It is a 600 family non-profit membership association. The pool is 6,000 sq. ft., with swim lanes and three diving boards. There is a wading pool for children 5 and under, a bathhouse, and a snack bar. The pool opens about two weeks before Memorial Day and closes the end of September each year. It is heated. The hours are from noon to 9 pm during the swim team season, 10 am to 9 pm late summer, and from 2 to 8 pm before school is closed for the summer."

World Wildlife Fund  

World Wildlife Fund: "WWF operates in more than 100 countries working for a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. The organization is almost unique in that it has that local presence to global presence - talking to tribes of Baka pygmies in the central African rainforests, through to face-to-face discussions with institutions such as the World Bank and the European Commission. It's mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by: conserving the world's biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption."

Care2 - Make a Difference!  

Care2: "Care2 is a special place. With more than 7 million members, Care2.com is the largest online community for people who want to make a difference. We're about values. If you care about health, human rights and protecting the environment, and if you believe individuals have the power to change the world, you're going to love Care2. You can learn from, and meet, amazing people here. You'll discover wonderful organizations working on the front lines. And it's fun, usually really easy, and always rewarding."

The following people were essential to the development of this site...

This site includes contributions from: Reid Cifrino, Allison Fayfich, Daryl Dawson, Diana Paolo Basto, Shoshanah Gibbs, Kjersti Wasiak, Lindsey Baker, Morgan Lee, Kyla Coyle, Jen Twigg, Laura Kenney, Stephanie Lewis, Kristen Walter, Garen Price Scribner, Amanda Laliberte, Aarti Love Mahtani, and the Gardner-Quinn family.  The Earthfest photo slideshow is posted with permission from FeelGood. "This I Believe" is copyrighted by the University of Vermont Development Office. The February 2007 Cosmopolitan article, copyrighted by Cosmopolitan, was scanned by Chris Kadlec and is hosted locally. Audio clips are copyrighted by WRC-TV, WPTZ-TV, WCAX-TV, Burlington Free Press, New England Cable News, Vermont Public Radio, and National Public Radio, and are used under U.S. Copyright Law Section 107. Logos of Arlington Public Schools, Michelle's Earth Foundation, Clean Air-Cool Planet, and Arlingtonians for a Cleaner Environment were edited by Chris Kadlec to fit the layout of this website and are courtesy of their original authors. If you are the author of any additional or aforementioned content posted without being credited or would like content removed from this website for any reason - whether it be copyrighted or distastefully posted - please contact me at E-mail in image form for spam protection.  This site is approved, although not run by the parents or family of Michelle Gardner-Quinn, and is in no way affiliated with Michelle's Earth Foundation.

"I wish you sweet pine, a biodiesel truck, rich earth, clear stars, and a river that runs through your soul."  -Michelle


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