Fetch or attack?
by Leo Edmunds, a UVM parent
October 14, 2006

It's behind the fever and under the blockage next to the losses of false comfort.
Hidden under the dagger that scars such a mention of retrieval.
Reality cuts like tension,
when looking lower than our lowest parts for attention.
Insanity mingles with sane parole.
It bubbles to the surface of our personal fish bowl.
No one bothers to take time to get to know anyone anymore.
Trust is given too freely.

The war of a rank of the biggest fish, gets filtered through a dog eat dog’s dish.
An aquarium approach of who is watching through the glass,
as they travel through lifeless lessons lifelessly
Small fish are faster as the cat is craftier at night than in a dog day afternoon,
All cats take watch by moonlight over a bowl of frenzy. A dry pet wet.
Patient for a chance to enthrall an attack on a prey that cannot look back.
They dance a prance over a one night fishing trip.
A feline growl, as a laughing dog thinks he has the edge somehow.
A wolf is much stronger, working a bad full moon wish,
taking what is not offered for his dish.
They view their need to a kill from a focus not clear. Rocks in their glass cover their sips and rocks on the bottom are tied to their lips.
Loyal dogs howl at the moon while barking at their tail.
as the wolf sheeps around in dangerous air.

Chained to a pole of what sucks somewhere are the dogs of the masters who needed more pets, dry to the bone they have been petted dead. Buried in fear they drown due to digging up dirt, under water wet masters which inflict them more hurt.
Master to dog to wolf to prey. What matters has reasonability gone away.

There are cats, as they walk on a fence filled night, through a window of malice of fun-filled delight. They search swimming fish, in dry broken glasses.
Full of fears as their fur gets wet as the fish become dry in a mirror of masses,
as a push from a paw, sends water awry, A fish out of water wonders why.
Curiously caught they forget where they stand.
which side of the road was holding their hand?
The cats swims to its death chased by a mouse who became a wolf, as it drowns in the water from its flooded house.
As the girl is calling and walks ahead, she is killed by a wolf in Grandma’s bed.
The fish lay jumping over a bar room floor,
as the wolf comes knocking at the kitty’s front door.
Rock bottom pressure makes small fish drink. In hiding from big fish that watch them sink.
A particular view to see, if they will eat what they watch or be caught by the few who are looking to catch whatever it can like a cat off land or a fish out of water,
as a prowling wolf does a cat killing slaughter.

Caught in the street. A predator’s deceit.
The dead cat confuses its elemental retreat.
The fish are dry and the cat is wet, it cannot choose its treasure dry, wet, or purring,
It washes its back dirty from holding.
This dead cat attack from a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

So the strong survive if they remember where they stand.
The selfish can win when confusing a plan.
It’s not OK I can find it behind the fever and under the losses next to the clock,
but the time is up.
Hidden under the hold that scars such a mention of evil,
there’s no second chances
to flip the view of Who is Who, and who are they to you,
and Who do you think they are.

A wolf with claws cut a cat to the quick,
A candle has melted without any wick.
When looking lower than our lowest parts.
Sanity mingles with an insane parole,
Safety tricks the surface dwellers.
It bubbles to the surface of our personal fish bowl.
Evil makes a hidden attack.
Why has trust chosen to turn it’s back.
Who sees you as prey?
Who can be trusted as they walk away.
What are the grounds when safety's at bay?
when false safety mistakens you as you think you are safe.
When you can’t even consider you’re in the wrong place.
How do you get back?
Predators wait until someone's off guard,
then attack without warning, on the unguarded,
as their false protection fools their reason,
The bottom falls out and they are trapped without a chance,
They can’t find an escape because they are removed from their element.

She will return and stand on solid ground
Her watchful eyes protect all the cats
She’s there in the air preventing attacks
She straightens out the crooked turn
when she trusted another and died in return.

Now her Mission Guards, Quickly,
Such a guardian pearl,
a guardian angel,
this Burlington girl.

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