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 2006-2008 News Audio   (30 audio clips)
 Vermont Public Radio Audio | 2006-2008

Vermont Public Radio / National Public Radio   MP3 File Cheryl Hanna - The Man on the Porch (1.3 mb / 2:48)

Commentator Cheryl Hanna is a professor at Vermont Law School in South Royalton, and a few weeks ago, she had an experience that has made her re-examine how Vermonters are reacting to the high-profile murder cases recently in the news. This report aired January 30, 2008 for VPR's "Commentary Series".

MP3 File Vermont Edition October 3, 2007 (3.5 mb / 7:27)
University of Vermont Police Chief Gary Margolis talks with us nearly a year after the abduction and murder of student Michelle Gardner-Quinn. We learn how campus security and student sentiments toward personal safety have changed in the past year.  VPR's Jane Lindholm reports on the October 3, 2007 program "Vermont Edition."

MP3 File Mitch Wertlieb - Dr. Brookes Cowan on Grieving with Children (3.4 mb / 7:17)
The fatal shootings in Essex and the murder of UVM senior Michelle Gardner-Quinn last year were shocking events. Dr. Brookes Cowan is a UVM Sociology professor and founding Chair of the Madison Deane Initiative. She visited the VPR studios on October 3, 2007 to talk about the need to encourage the grieving process, especially for children.

MP3 File Cecilia Danks - A Reverence for All Life (2.5 mb / 5:23)
Cecilia Danks is an assistant professor of environmental policy at the University of Vermont. She assigned her students to write a This I Believe essay to help them focus their own commitment to the environment. Cecilia read Michelle's essay, written two days before she was abducted, on the August 5, 2007 edition of NPR's "Weekend Edition Sunday."

MP3 File Philip Baruth - Looking for Sense in the Senseless (1.3 mb / 3:12)
Recent news of a brutal attack on a Thetford woman reminded commentator Philip Baruth of the murder last year of UVM student Michelle Gardner-Quinn, and left him trying to make sense of the senseless. Philip Baruth is a novelist and regular commentator for Vermont Public Radio. The piece aired June 22, 2007.

MP3 File Steve Delaney - The Year in Review: 2006 - Part 4, Crime (1.2 mb / 2:32)
When it comes to crime, Vermonters had some sad moments, and some national attention. VPR's Steve Delaney looks back at the crime and punishment of the last 12 months. The report aired December 28, 2006 and includes only the latter half of the report - the segment of the story about Michelle Gardner-Quinn.

MP3 File Interview: Rachele Huennekens, Michelle's Earth Foundation (748 kb / 1:49)
Friends of Michelle Gardner-Quinn have established a foundation in her memory. Rachele Huennekens says Michelle's Earth Foundation was created to expand on the 21-year-old's efforts to protect the environment. She spoke about the foundation with Vermont Public Radio's Neal Charnoff on November 11, 2006.

MP3 File Interview: Linda White - 'Meeting With a Killer: One Family's Journey'  (3.1 mb / 6:34)
Few can even begin to understand the true measure of grief felt by Gardner-Quinn's family, her parents and siblings. One person who can, perhaps, is Linda White. She is the woman featured in the new documentary "Meeting With a Killer: One Family's Journey."  VPR's Mitch Wertlieb talked with her on November 10, 2006.

MP3 File Cheryl Hanna - Violence Against Women (1.3 mb / 2:47)
The murder of Michelle Gardner-Quinn has deeply shaken our small state. Commentator Cheryl Hanna reflects upon what her murder might mean for other young women. Cheryl Hanna is a professor at Vermont Law School in South Royalton. Her commentary aired October 25, 2006 on Vermont Public Radio.

MP3 File Lynne McCrea - Friends Speak of Gardner-Quinn's Life (1.0 mb / 2:33)
Michelle Gardner-Quinn transferred this fall to the University of Vermont for her senior year of college. She was pursuing a specially-designed major in environmental studies. In a report that aired October 13, 2006, VPR's Lynne McCrea spoke with friends of Michelle Gardner-Quinn, before the announcement that her body had been tentatively identified.

MP3 File John Dillon & Neal Charnoff - Police Announce Body of Missing Student Found (1.8 mb / 3:44)
Reporter John Dillon was at City Hall when Burlington Police announced the latest results of their investigation into missing UVM student, Michelle Gardner-Quinn. He spoke with VPR's Neal Charnoff live on October 13, 2006 in the studio about the week-long search that has come to a grim ending.

 Burlington/Plattsburgh TV News Segment Audio | 2007-2008
WCAX Burlington / WPTZ Plattsburg   MP3 File Michelle Gardner-Quinn's Legacy Lives On (1.3 mb / 2:42) | Images

A year after violence shook the University of Vermont community, students and staff remembered the legacy of Michelle Gardner-Quinn. Dozens of people took part in a candlelight vigil, Friday night, to honor the 21-year-old whose life was cut tragically short.  The report aired October 12, 2007 on Channel 3.

MP3 File Dozens Walk To Remember Michelle Gardner-Quinn (664 kb / 1:24) | Images
The community is remembering Michelle Gardner-Quinn by retracing the path she walked the night she disappeared. "A year of mourning has really been an impact to the campus and I think it's just another way to provide some closure for some." The report aired on the 11pm newscast of WPTZ-TV Channel 5 on October 12, 2007.

MP3 File UVM Remembers Michelle Gardner-Quinn 1 Year Later (1.2 mb / 2:34) | Images
Since her death, "Michelle's Earth Foundation" has been established in her name. It's designed to make people more aware and more involved in the environment. Her parents have also established a scholarship in her name. Gardner-Quinn was only on campus for one semester, but she left a lasting mark behind.  Channel 3 reports on Oct. 8, 2007.

MP3 File Remembering Michelle Gardner-Quinn: One Year Later (764 kb / 1:37) | Images
It was one year ago Sunday that University of Vermont student Michelle Gardner-Quinn went missing. Gardner-Quinn's parents reported her missing when she didn't show up for lunch with them that morning. It was parents weekend at the University of Vermont and Gardner-Quinn's mother and father were visiting.  Channel 5 reports on October 7, 2007.

MP3 File Remembering Michelle Gardner-Quinn (1.6 mb / 3:30) | Images
Reverend Gary Kowalski of the First Unitarian Universalist Society told the congregation, "Women live in a world where violence and the threat of violence assaults them every day. It's something they just live with. Or in the case of the unlucky ones like Laura Winterbottom, something they don't live with." Channel 3 reports on October 7, 2007.

MP3 File UVM Remembers Murdered Student (854 kb / 1:49) | Images
All this week, campus officials have organized memorial events to honor Gardner-Quinn and her memory. Thousands are in town for the University Of Vermont's homecoming and family weekend. The report aired on WPTZ Channel 5 on October 6, 2007.

MP3 File A Stranger is Watching Part 2 (2.3 mb / 4:49) | Images
It's Homecoming and Family Weekend at UVM - a time for celebration, but also a time to remember a tragedy on campus a year ago. Since Michelle Gardner-Quinn was kidnapped, raped and murdered, UVM has evolved its strategy for keeping students safe, on and off campus.  Channel 3 reports on October 4, 2007.

MP3 File A Stranger is Watching Part 1 (2.0 mb / 4:15) | Images
One year has passed since the UVM community mourned the loss of one of its own. The campus was stunned; its sense of security, shattered. One year later, has anything changed? Burlington's WCAX-TV Channel 3 reported on the thoughts of UVM students on the 11 o'clock news, October 3, 2007
 WRC-TV NBC 4 News Segment Audio | 2006-2007

WRC-TV NBC 4 Michelle Story Screen Captures

Washington's NBC affiliate, WRC-TV 4, ran multiple reports about Michelle in 2006 and one in July 2007.  Here is the audio of those television reports as reported by Channel 4's own Pat Collins, Miguel Almaguer, Tracee Wilkins, James Adams, Jane Watrel, Jim Handly, and others.

MP3 File WRC-TV NBC 4 - Her Legacy Lives On   2:50   1.3 mb Video
MP3 File WRC-TV NBC 4 - Man Charged in Student's Death   2:54   1.4 mb Images
MP3 File WRC-TV NBC 4 - Parents of Slain Student Return Home   2:17   1.1 mb Images
MP3 File WRC-TV NBC 4 - Memorial Service Held for Student   0:56   440 kb Images
MP3 File WRC-TV NBC 4 - Missing Student Found Dead in Vermont   4:33   2.1 mb Images
MP3 File WRC-TV NBC 4 - 'Cell Phone Man' May Have Been Last To See Student   2:28   1.2 mb Images
MP3 File WRC-TV NBC 4 - Missing Virginia Student Search   2:31   1.2 mb Images
MP3 File WRC-TV NBC 4 - FBI Investigates Student's Disappearance   2:07   1.0 mb Images
MP3 File WRC-TV NBC 4 - Arlington Woman Missing in Vermont   2:25   1.1 mb Images

WRC-TV NBC 4 Michelle Story Screen Captures
 Other News Segment Audio | 2007-2008

MP3 File Gardner-Quinn's Family Attends UVM Graduation (1.3 mb / 2:41) | Images
Sunday was an emotional day for the family of Michelle Gardner-Quinn as they attended commencement at UVM. Quinn was a popular student at UVM before she was kidnapped and murdered last fall. Ben Stein from WPTZ reports for New England Cable News (NECN) on May 20, 2007.

MP3 File Michelle Gardner-Quinn Remembered One Year Later (708 kb / 1:30) | Video
Community members marched up Main Street in Burlington to hold a vigil at the University of Vermont green in Burlington on Friday evening October 12, 2007 to remember slain UVM student Michelle Gardner-Quinn. Audio was taken from the video by Glenn Russell, Burlington Free Press; also posted below in the video section.

 2006-2007 Videos   (6 videos)

"We Remember"   "This I Believe" [Original]   "This I Believe" [Extended]
Video by Sean Dempsey - Poem by Aarti Love Mahtani   'This I Believe' Live Earth New York July 7 2007   'This I Believe' Live Earth New York October 2007 Version
Length: 5:53 | Size: 13.9 mb   Length: 1:01 | Size: 1.73 mb   Length: 1:59 | Size: 4.63 mb
WRC-TV 4 Broadcast   One-Year Anniversary Vigil   Trial Moved to Rutland
WRC-TV 4 Washington DC Live Earth Interview with Diane   Burlington Free Press Video One Year Later   WPTZ Channel 5 Rooney Trial Moves to Rutland (Brittany Oat)  
Length: 2:49 | Size: 6.61 mb   Length: 1:29 | Size: 3.42 mb   Length: 1:15 | Size: 2.91 mb

In 2006, Sean Dempsey created the video "We Remember" in memory of Michelle, using a poem written by Michelle's former roommate Aarti Love Mahtani of American University. Nine months later, Damon Cason directed a one-minute public service announcement, "This I Believe," using segments from a school essay of the same name that Michelle wrote in her final semester while attending the University of Vermont. The essay was read at Michelle's memorial service and later was published in the Vermont Quarterly, the university's alumni magazine. The video, which features Goldie Hawn, The Duchess of York, Kate Hudson, Sheryl Crow, Meg Ryan, Tipper Gore, and Michelle's mother, received thousands of hits on YouTube in the month following its release. Other websites also have posted this video, "green blog" Ecorazzi among them. Kevin Wall, producer of the Live 8 and Live Earth concerts, made this video possible. It was shown at New York's Live Earth concert on July 7, 2007. An extended version was released in October 2007. After the New York concert, WRC-TV, Washington DC's NBC affiliate, aired a segment about the showing of "This I Believe," including an interview with Michelle's mother Diane Gardner-Quinn. The audio-only version of the WRC-TV news video can be found above or here.  The Burlington Free Press website posted video of the the candlelight gathering and walk from City Hall to the fountain on the UVM campus where a memorial to Michelle had existed since the year before.  The event, on October 12th, marked the one-year anniversary of the death of Michelle.  The Free Press posted the same video on YouTube, although in lower quality.  On April 2, 2008, Brittany Oat reported for WPTZ Channel 5 on the Rooney trial's move to Rutland, finding that not all residents are up to speed on the circumstances and events leading up to trial of Brian Rooney.

Note: To view the YouTube videos, click the video thumbnail.  Loading times will vary depending on your Internet connection.

 Full text of poem featured in "We Remember" video

If you knew Michelle, you are a blessed soul. If you didn't, let me share with you what she meant to me.

In loving memory of Michelle Gardner-Quinn.

I remember the e-mails we sent each other describing ourselves when we found out we were going to be roommates.

I remember the first time we spoke on the phone before we met. I was home in St. Maarten and you were in Arlington, VA. I laughed as we joked and I knew I'd be friends with you forever.

I remember seeing your bright eyes the first time we met. My flight from New York had been delayed 4 or 5 times and you thought you'd never see me! We embraced and bonded as I unpacked my things.

I remember waking you up ten minutes before class when you'd take your afternoon naps. And once I wasn't around to wake you up and you were late for class and you were mad at me for the rest of the day. I still love you.

I remember when you turned 21. When I turned 21.

I remember coming to stand over your desk at work at WWF to take my tea breaks and chat with you. I remember your beautiful energy flow model on toilet paper :)

I remember watching you sleep, when I couldn't. And I rememeber the sound of your snoring. Which now makes sense as to why I couldn't sleep. But I still love you.


I remember sitting in the front of the bus with you and keeping you company when we were on a safari through Kruger National Park. You tried on my purple Gucci sunglasses and insisted I take a picture as proof because no one would ever believe you.

I remember staying up late at night and talking in the dark while in bed. All the stories. All the dreams. All the laughing. All the tears.

I remember you fought with your Mom, Ian and your sister all in one day. I walked forever to find you the right ice cream. We ate it out of the container and broke many plastic spoons.

I remember how kind you were to me when I needed to leave my things at your house while I went home for a week. And how kind your family was to me.

Most of all, I remember you. And I will never forget you.

You were the coolest roommate.
You were the kindest friend.
You were the most engaging classmate.
You were the most cheerful co-worker.
You were the most adventurous travel buddy.
You were the most concerned citizen.

You are the most beautiful soul.

See you when I get there darling. Love you always.


 "This I Believe" by Michelle Gardner-Quinn

I believe in upholding reverence for all life. I believe that humanity has a responsibility to the earth and to the life that we share our experience with.

As a child, I found joy digging in the dirt, examining the miracle of life. Everything creepy-crawly was fascinating to me, and I spent countless hours in my backyard exploring what wonders lay beneath. Although some people might be repulsed by this notion, these creatures did not represent slimy pests to me. Rather, such experiences in the natural world taught me about the diversity of life that could be found in any microcosm. I felt attuned with the cycles of life, my favorite being the spring. During these budding months, I could watch the egg sacks of praying mantises as they opened, or collect robin-blue eggshells that had fallen from the nests. This was where I felt a strong connection to the natural cycles of creation. This connection has inspired awe in me that I feel strongly to this day. It is a feeling deep within me that has inspired my passions and pursuits as an environmentalist.

As I grew older, I discovered that this reverence for life was not shared by all of humanity. Rather than respecting the natural world as a community of life, the environment has been valued in terms of the resources that could be exploited.  Industrialization has turned life into an industry, and systematically destroys the essential diversity that provides richness to the human experience. Our self-inflicted ecological crisis has reached such a point that we


no longer endanger isolated bioregions. So many toxins have been spewed into the atmosphere as a result of our industrial greed that the climate of our planet is changing at an alarming rate. Climate change threatens all life forms by altering fundamental natural cycles, giving little time for evolutionary responses.

These detrimental impacts are visible today as polar bears lose their habitat of sea ice, the sex of sea turtle eggs is skewed, whales have less krill to feed on, and coral reefs are bleached, to cite just a few examples. Climate change also has a detrimental impact on cultures and humanity’s well-being as more people are becoming environmental refugees. Little is being done to curb this crisis, and, within our lifetime, the ecological functioning of planet earth will be forever altered.

I believe that my connection to all life forms prevents me from sitting back and watching this catastrophe. I believe that we should understand our place in our regional ecosystems and communities, as well as pledge our allegiance to the earth as a whole. I believe that all creatures, whether they are found in my backyard or halfway around the globe, should not suffer as a result of human greed. The reality of climate change is here and now; it is the environmental battle of our generation and generations to come. In honor of all life, I am dedicating myself to preventing this worldwide ecological crisis.

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